06:59 04-01-2004
I just want to thank you for this Joy
Division site. I am an older female fan of 36 (GASP!) and I appreciate people that have made this great effort toward a band that was grossly under-rated, and certainly ahead of their time... Thank you very much. A long-time Joy Division enthusiast.
03:41 28-12-2003
hi ger
go check my site
vol2 april 2004
00:26 01-11-2003
Hi Ger ! Too bad you've decided to stop the site... Who will take care of JLP memory now ? Please come back !


19:42 26-10-2003
Jon Hayes
Fantastic website, plus you might want to note that there is a brilliant DVDR available from Videos From Hell based in Sweden, with about 3 hours worth of Gun Club and JLP footage from European TV between 1982 and 1993. Only costs 15 pounds.
01:07 20-10-2003
Hello. I'd like to propose you some very interesting (well... I hope so ;-) CDr exchanging.
Please, be so kind to write me an email,

01:37 19-10-2003
Welcome to my guestbook! You can leave any message related to my websites for:

Joy Division ("Here Are The Young Men")
The Charlatans ("Melting Pot")
The Gun Club ("Goodbye Jeffrey Lee")

Also feel free to drop a line if you just want to say hi ...
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