15:21 09-03-2004
hey, just wanted to say the gun club are the most powerful band i ever heard,and to thank you for opening this site!
18:23 08-03-2004
Hi,I have a master sbd copy of Gun Club at The Met in Portland,OR from August 17th 1982.
Does anyone one have any American Music Club/Mark Eitzel shows that they could swap for?
09:39 07-03-2004
Gert Klunder
He kerel, hoe staat het ermee?
Ik had vroeger een LP verzie van Las Vegas Story, Fire of Love and Miami, nu niet meer. Lang verhaal maar ik hoop eigenlijk ergens een CD verzie van ieders te scoren. Ik snap dat dit moeilijk zal worden. We zien wel.
Bedankt voor je site!! Ik heb 'm bookmarked!

Mazzel, Gert.
12:39 29-02-2004
I am looking to buy concert bootlegs from Joy Division. Can anyone help? Discretion assured.
09:58 20-02-2004
Gun Club16.04.1983Apeldoorn,Gigant45FMMASTER10(-)
Gun Club22.09.1984Rotterdam,De Doelen30FMMASTER 10
Gun Club28.09.1984Bochum,Zeche 75audMASTER7-8
Gun Club01.10.1984Detmold,Honky Dory75audcopy from master 7-8
Gun Club 02.10.1984 Berlin Metropol 75 aud copy from master 8
Gun Club 08.11.1984 Lyon Palais d'Hiver 70 sdb (2) 9-10
Gun Club 20.11.1984 Strasbourg Loft 70 sdb copy from master 10(-)
Gun Club 10.12.1984 London Dingwall's 70 aud copy from master 8
Gun Club 11.12.1984 London Dingwall's 70 aud copy from master 8
Gun Club 27.11.1986 Düsseldorf Tor 3 70 aud MASTER 9
Gun Club 05.12.1986 Eindhoven Effenaar 70 aud MASTER 9
Gun Club 13.11.1987 Bochum Zeche 74 aud MASTER 8-9
Gun Club 16.12.1987 Vaals Spuugh 70 aud MASTER 9
Jeffrey Lee Pierce 14.05.1985 Berlin Loft 70 aud copy from master 8-9
Jeffrey Lee Pierce 15.05.1985 Hamburg Markthalle 60 aud copy from master 8-9
Jeffrey Lee Pierce 11.10.1985 Rotterdam De Doelen 60 aud copy from master 7-8
Jeffrey Lee Pierce 13.10.1985 Köln Luxor 70 aud MASTER 9
Jeffrey Lee Pierce 25.10.1985 Göteborg Karen 25 FM copy from master 10(-)
simply contact me, please. there are plenty more in boxes, not listed, these are only the outstanding ones.
waar ben je vandaan?
16:32 16-02-2004
Hi Ger !!
hop you're cool where ever you could be
23:28 08-02-2004
rhoades d'ablo
thanx for keeping the legacy of jeffery lee pierce alive. the gun club were and are still a major influence on my musical endeavers. keep up the fine work
01:25 08-02-2004
Phil Gray
Thanks for this. I was in a band in London at the time and JD was a major influence. Things got crazy and I missed what happened and when. Even 24 years later, kinda rediscovering my roots as it were, it's nice to know someone kept track of it all.
15:18 30-01-2004
Pierre- Marie
Merci pour ce site. J'ai passé une soirée après un concert à Rennes, en France, avec Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Il était un grand homme.
18:52 27-01-2004
Hazel Oozell
Re: The Charlatans October 89 demo. On your site you state:
"I have no knowledge how to get this demo.
The scan you see on the right has been taken from an eBay auction, which I lost unfortunately ..."

I have one of these demos, though it's inlay sleeve is a reproduction of the front cover only (as it was lost). The cassette however is the original artifact (marked with their then current management contact details). I wonder - do you have any idea how much it might be worth? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
17:32 18-01-2004
I'm working on a rock dictionary in Italy. Thanks for the Gun Club lyrics & tabs
21:31 10-01-2004
scott turner
My e-mail address is
21:27 10-01-2004
scott turner
For any Charlatans fans, if you go to Discography Part5 pre - Charlatans (related) who are interested in any imformation about one of Tim Burgess early bands love Sindy, I was the drummer known as ??. Also the last track on the 4 song demo the band recorded was called Never In A Million years, not See The Light. We did play a few gigs, mainly in our local town of Northwich, and also ventured to the local town of Warrington for our last gig. Before Love Sindy Tim was in a band called Remagen Bridge, which featured Tim in his first singing role, this time with Ian Atherton (Bass), Lee Turner (Guitar) and Scott Turner (Drums). Anybody wanting imformation on Tims very early years, please feel free to contact me with any questions
20:20 09-01-2004
Do you have any copies of the Heartless & Soulless personal compilation available for trade?
01:15 09-01-2004
I would love to write a film about Jeffery's life titled, "Ghost on the highway". just a thought.
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