17:42 01-07-2004
Hi !
I got a tape recording of a live show you might be interrested to trade. It's not on your list.
It's a show that took place in Clermont-Ferrand, my small town, in France, during the '83 Miami Tour. It's called "Live, Chris Club, Clermont". I guess noone really knows the existence of this recording outside my town. It's almost the same set list as the Bataclan show that same year. The sound quality is suprisingly bearable and Jeffrey gives a very intense performance.

So, e-mail me (even if you're not interested).
04:36 20-06-2004
Has anyone heard the record out just now by a scottish band called the deciders that is a total rip off from She's Lost Control. To be fair it is pretty good - you couldn't go wrong with that riff - and they have completely rewritten the lyrics and called it Unshakeable but you can't deny the Joy Division influence.
11:57 18-06-2004
rami huttunen
Hello. I´m lookin for a cd/vinyl format from "the birth, the death, the ghost"- live album from abc records. If anybody can be helpful for this matter, please contact my e-mail:
01:15 13-05-2004
jan pankow
ha Ger - and others
This site is still main GC entry and a pleasure to visit!!
those interested in cd-r/mp3 xchange: drop me a line. GC/JLP only!
jan p - Goes NL
03:51 21-04-2004
kevin patrick
I have a fantastic live recording of The Gun Club from Scorgies/Rochester NY on 8/8/84. I would love to share with people in exchange for some other live recordings, especially their other show at Scorgies and the NYC show at Drums - and also ANY video/dvd.
11:20 19-04-2004
I have a 6-track / 23 minutes live-CDR from The Gun Club, limited to 10 items. It's a FM-recording with cover and one of the best live records I've ever heard from Gun Club. Very VERY powerful and weird. Better than "Horse Power" or "Pandora's Box". I guess it's a record from the Noise Now Festival in Germany 1987. My Question: Did the Gun Club play at Noise Now in 1987? And: Is anyone interested in the CDR? E-Mail me ...
16:02 16-04-2004
Xfm Online
Charlatans Announce New Festival Date

The Charlatans have announced a low key, warm-up show for their upcoming UK tour as well as a major slot on the bill of the Fleadh Festival in London (plus news of the Charlatans fanclub convention).

For the full story, please visit Xfm online:
17:37 07-04-2004
i also have live at bournemouth nov2, 1979. and "interzone" demos. both on vinyl on the amazing kornyfone label. interested?
17:27 07-04-2004
i have a japanese "atmosphere" 12". 1984, rare? HELP! i can't find it on the discog page anywhere. email me.
14:01 07-04-2004
Thanx for this great site...which have been givin me lot of good vibes...thanx for keeping the fire alive!!!!!!!! at least I got a one place to go and this world of pain....outside (of my head).
05:19 06-04-2004
and buy the way...suckers I have a copy of "Fire of Love" Blue vinal Numbered and stamped......HA.........HA
05:14 06-04-2004
I have been a Gun Club fan since the 80's and world like to give you thanks ans pries for tring tokeep the love alive
07:40 30-03-2004
bobby black
where the west meets south i'll listen for the sound of your voice.........
10:04 25-03-2004
i just did find the band joy division. they are great.
and nicee site too :)
11:33 12-03-2004
Merci, thank for this site.
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