06:39 13-09-2004
Hey Ger I got this cool promo Gun Club ruby records promo in LA when Fire of Love came out...very nice picture of going to put on e bay but thought I'd check with you first...for trade.
18:20 08-09-2004
*Thelonious Monster - 'THE GUN CLUB SONG'*

Thelonious Monster's new album 'California Clam Chowder' contains a song called 'The Gun Club Song.' You can download the mp3 for free at (it's in the MUSIC section.) It has music similar to 'Jack on Fire' and a few lyrics from 'She's Like Heroin to Me.'
12:19 30-08-2004
20:31 28-08-2004
Jos Wagenaar
Je site mag een hommage genoemd worden voor Ian Curtis, mijn complimenten. Zelf heb ik ook enkele collectors items in mijn bezit, waaronder de bootleg " les bains douches club, de Factory sample, de eerste Peel session, 12 inch picture disc Leaders off men en een 7 inch picture disc waar Ian Curtis een intervieuw geeft. Lang was ik gehecht aan deze zaken, maar emigratieplannen staan het mijn hart toe afscheid te nemen van deze relikwieen, wellicht kan je iets voor me betekenen, zoja mob. 0614733322, met vriendelijke groet Jos, discretie betrachten graag.
11:03 13-08-2004
no family life makes me feel uneasy-ian forever
11:37 09-08-2004

good tony interview here...
15:53 06-08-2004
Great news. Ik had al bijna een, volgens de verkoper op ebay, de maimi cd voor 50 euro gekost. Nou ik wacht wel ff.

Bedankt voor het goede nieuws!! en zet dat soort nieuws altijd op je site!! Je maakt er veel mensen blij mee.

Keep up the good work
23:45 31-07-2004
heart and soul, one will burn.
14:34 31-07-2004
joy divisi0on are the bestband ever!!!
17:21 30-07-2004
I have the bootleg of GUN CLUB in Belgrade 1990 which i think is a very great rarity............
19:54 10-07-2004
you have done a very great job. Thank you for all of the titles of songs i have found on this website.
23:38 07-07-2004
"the gun club song" on
thelonious monster: california clam chowder
13:48 07-07-2004
We are looking for a Looking for the Orange One tshirt. Do you know where we would find one?
20:29 05-07-2004
Heard the news? Miami, Death Party, LasVegas Story October
I've posted the URL for your Gun Club site to the guy doing the reissues. He's interested in making them the best he can. any suggestions?
and my own humble contribution
13:39 03-07-2004
Found an error in the discography. The notes for \"Permanent\" say:
15. Atmosphere
Track 15 recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, March 1980.

Even the rest of your own notes say that it was rec. Cargo Studios, Manchester, October-November 1979.

Other than that, and the lack of track length information for most releases, this is a really great discography!
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