18:14 19-10-2006
So nice to see that some remembers JoyD! Keep on faith or desperate. With the most creative and artistic band whic never actually was seen or least in Finland.

Joy fan 4ever modell-64
15:11 05-10-2006
Andy Youings
Hi there - I am writing to ask if you know anymore about what other CD's are meant to go in the 'Collection' box that came with Tremelo Song in the UK. I have the Digipak with the 2 CD's which are in the white 'Collection' case but don't know if I am missing some CD's? There appears to be room for others but don't know what's meant to go in them. I'd appreciated ant comments you care to make.
Great site by the way!!!!
22:44 06-07-2006
I am writting you concerning the "Band On The Wall, Manchester, October 1978" Joy Division tape. Of friend of mind works for Band On The Wall and they are "in the midst of a redevelopment project, one aspect of which is recording and archiving the venues considerable history." He has been collecting recordings of various artists that performed there and the Joy Division tape is one of the important recordings they dont have. If you have this tape it would be very very much appreciated on behalf of Band On The Wall if you could make a copy of it for us. You mentioned that you do not sell anything but do trades. I am myself am living in Canada, perhaps I could trade you for some yummy maple syrup :P If you would be so kind as to oblige us or have any information on how we might obtain a recording for the history of Band On The Wall please email me. Thank You.
12:00 17-06-2006
any details on the gun club movie? i havent heard any updates or release date information on it =/
20:46 08-05-2006
Gun Club was the best.
Thank goodness for the site
18:45 03-04-2006
If you are interested, I have a copy of Joy Division playing She's Lost Control on What's On, Granada TV 20/7/79. I've never known anyone to have this on VHS etc. I have it on DVD, with menu etc, and is in fantastic quality.
20:43 29-03-2006
loads of valuable info cheers
17:40 13-03-2006
Thank you for the work you have doe to make this fan web site... I've just posted some photos I made of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club from around 1982 at a small club in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Here is the link for your pleasure:
15:04 02-03-2006
i 'm looking for somebody who knows about permission to reproduce Joy Division music. I'm looking in particular for the song "no love lost" i 've tried without succes to look for london records on internet.I need this very much.It should be the music for my first website and i want the music of the band i grew up with...and when i say i grew up i really's 20 year of love for Joy Division.
thank to everybody, DANK je wel!!!
19:23 07-02-2006
Hi Ger!
I visit your page quite often,and its is simply great,a good and extense info about the band .I´ve been a Gun´s fan since I was 14 and I´m now 36.I´m from Madrid,I wish I could exchange some material from them but I have none,but I´m writing to you because I´m reely interested in getting the "La edad de oro"TV concert in Spain.Can you give any information about it.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Please answer me.
Toot ziens!
07:33 06-01-2006
Well done, this site is really great. Just wanted to say hello, keep up the good work!
13:01 02-01-2006
greatest charlatans discography site ever
17:11 24-11-2005
Timoteo F Valdez
I am Recording my new cd and I have to say I can see how I have been Influenced By Joy Division and That is Cool R. I. P. Ian Curtis
I Think Ian Curtis was and still is one of the greatest writers of all time he gave us another gate to look through.

Timoteo Florentino Valdez
14:41 11-07-2005
Hi I like this site alot I here to say that Joy Division is and will always be my favorite band they have been my biggest Influance and I'm sure they will alway be my biggest Influance I 'm here to say that Joy Division Still lives and that they will always live
From from my band
Thank You
Timoteo Florentino Valdez
22:51 31-05-2005
i am Yiannis sending from Greece. i just saw your site and it's very
interesting. i love the music of Gun Club and i saw a very special concert
for me in your trading list:
Live at Rodon, Athens, Greece, March 20, 1988
What can i do to have a copy of this cd? it was the only time i saw them in my life and
it means a lot for me! hope you understand me. unfortunately i don't have
anything to trade which is not included in your list.
let me know if i could trade with anything else or buying a copy. Thanx

Looking forward receiving your answer.
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