17:39 25-03-2008
michiel heezen
zouden jullie me kunnen v'ertellen of er een nieuwe cd uit is?
En zoja wat is de titel?

hartelijke groeten mtl heezen
00:15 29-01-2008
find Jeffrey lee Pierce here :
01:37 17-12-2007
Any chance of your e mail adress regarding the charlatans please, scott
10:56 28-08-2007
thierry steady go !
Hello Ger
it would be nice to reopen the site and update the all thing , since you are directly linked w/ the official Charlatans website in the discography section .
best regards
18:19 23-08-2007
Jon Whitlow
I noticed that any further updates will ot be made in the future. However, i have a single-song video-promo of, 'The onlny one I know.'
It was released by RCA, i assume around 1991-1992. Ther is no catalog number, no date, no promo-info, etc. It just has a white slip-cover label on the outside of a black VHS case with a typed compy label: 'RCA RECORDS CHARALATENS-UK, "THE ONLY ONE I KNOW." On the VHS, it's the duplicate label of the outside. I used to work in a record store in the late eighties into the early ninties in Austin, Tx. We used to receive a box weekly from various labels containing promo-videos, cassettes, 7"/10"/12"/LP/CDs. When the store went under, the owner gave all three employee's an option of taking what they wanted, i got this among 200-350 promo's, all formats.
10:34 30-06-2007
Chris Warren
I should be grateful if you could update the following links on your links page:
Joy Division Central is now at
Joy Division Shadowplay is now at
Thanks in anticipation.
20:12 22-06-2007
Gunclub fan from Mexico.
18:03 12-06-2007
Hi, i have a brand new Fingerprints: Recorded Live at the Arge Kulturgelande Nonntal, Salzburg
The track list is:
1. Fellow Travellers - A Few Good Times
2. Fellow Travellers - Train of Tears
3. Chris Cacavas - Like a Cigarette
4. Sister Double Happiness - Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog)
5. Sister Double Happiness - Bobby Shannon
6. Sister Double Happiness - Exposed To You
7. Penelope Houston - Maybe Love
8. Penelope Houston - Father's Day
9. Peter Hammill - I Will Find You
10. Peter Hammill - Like a Shot, The Entertainer
11. Eleventh Dream Day - Honeyslide
12. Eleventh Dream Day - I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing
13. The Gun Club - Little Wing
14. The Gun Club - Yellow Eyes

The cd is still in the factory sealed shrink wrap. i can't find any information about this cd online, your website has been one of the only links i have found. thanks
16:22 26-03-2007

I left a message here several years ago but was not able at the time to respond to the people who contacted me. But this sitution is over so here I go :

I own a live recording that is not on your list Ger.

1983-03-16 - Chris Club, Clermont-Ferrand
Audience rec. - B-

Death Party tour - crew : JLP, Patricia Morrisson, Jim Duckworth, Dee Pop.

setlist :

1. Strange Fruit
2. Fire Of Love
3. Run Through The Jungle
4. John Hardy
5. The Lie
6. Texas Serenade
7. Cool Drink Of Water
8. Fire Spirit
9. Death Party
10. Goodbye Johnny
11. Sex Beat
12. Heebies Jeebies

I'd be willing to trade it. The recording quality is low, but not as much as could be expected from a show recorded with a single hand-held tape recorder in the middle of the crowd. Everything is a little muddy, but all in all not horribly so - it's still a good listen. The very beginning of Strange Fruit is missing (1 or 2 sec.) and there's a cut in the middle of Cool Drink ... (switching of sides). The version of Sex Beat kicks ass.

Please contact me if you're interrested.
22:55 22-03-2007
16:43 10-02-2007
this site is a great resource for Gun Club fans all over the world...keep it online!
If anyone owns Gun Club´s "Destroy the country" and/or "Two sides of the beast" mail me......................................................
16:07 05-02-2007
Does anyone have the 1984? La Edad de Oro tv show the Gun Club did in Madrid? Did they rebroadcast it in 2006 like they did with so many other bands? I have lots for trade for the Edad or maybe other shows. Sorry if i misspelled the TV shows name
01:26 07-01-2007
The Revolters
About The Revolters
The Revolters is an indie/post punk band who rose to locally fame in 2006,spearheading the post-punk movement in Turkey and that time.The band centered on the song-writing partnership of Serhat Erman(vocals/guitar) and Berkan Tomay(back vocals/guitar),Ibrahim Kent(Bass),Murat Sahin(Drums). They kickstarted an ultimate post punk movement,and they met with applause from locally labeled underground and mainstream musical authorities especially in Istanbul and Eskisehir. They'd already started recording their first EP which will be released on the winter of 2007.The band has locally and international projects which will implement in next year.

The Revolters
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00:56 29-12-2006
Thanx for this great site...which have been givin me lot of good vibes...thanx for keeping the fire alive!!!!!!!! at least I got a one place to go and this world of pain....outside (of my head).
[url=]silkroad bot[/url]
17:58 06-11-2006
Hey Ger, If your still trading,get in touch as I have some live stuff you probably would like/want.
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