13:09 10-06-2021
Tymiah F
Hi Ger! I work for Times Radio based in London, we'd love to interview a Joy Division fan/enthusiast next week. Would you be interested? Please contact me ASAP on the email provided.
18:13 09-02-2021
Andrea V.
Hi Ger... maybe you still remember about me - we used to trade Gun Club related stuff in the late Nineties. I hope all is well. Take care!
19:54 27-02-2018
Found your website, just thought I would let you know. Email me just to confirm that you care, because I really hate seeing abandoned websites
17:11 31-08-2014
Ulli Holzner
Hi Ger
Thanks for this marvellous site. In case you have any idea where I can get rare Gun Club material...would you let me know please :)

23:46 10-07-2014
thanks alot for the tabs, greetings from argentina!
06:53 16-01-2013
I know you don't update this site anymore. But just know your Gun Club section is amazing. Don't ever take it down!

-Austin C.
Portland, OR
16:43 09-01-2013
Ce site est un mémorial mais aussi un endroit vivant, habité par l'esprit de Jeffrey Lee.
10:13 12-11-2012
hi man,
i was 14 when i first visited your site. early 2000's nobody couldn't care less about jlp. your site and few others were like heaven for me and i was too shy to write to you. now it's time.
you have my email
i'd love to have a live version of midnight promise (1985)
also you have a melbourne solo live form jeffrey, do you think you can send some of this stuff?
that will be amazing.
thanks again for your time and your work in years where nobody cared for jlp, now "his friends" are back with tributes and stuff like that.
04:40 21-11-2011
Thanks for putting these tabs up! Gun Club has become my favorite band, and i can't wait to learn their songs!
10:57 27-01-2011
Pim Clubby
Merci pour ce site. Thanx Gerd !
15:13 24-07-2008
When i bought my copy of transmission many years ago from the underground market in manchester it was quite exspensive £3.50 as i was told it was a prelease with no texture on the cover can anyone tell me if i have a rareity i have read recently that this is the second release this is not true i know this for sure
00:16 16-07-2008
Zune Marketplace Launches Exclusive Joy Division Content

In follow up to the release of a custom Zune digital media player commemorating the ‘Joy Division’ documentary DVD, Zune Marketplace is now featuring exclusive Joy Division content including a 3-part video podcast that is available for free download. In an exclusive interview, the band’s former bassist Peter Hook talks about Joy Division’s tremendous influence on modern music and youth movements in addition to offering some very personal reflections about moving on without Ian Curtis.

As companion elements to the video podcasts, Zune Marketplace is also featuring the full Joy Division catalogue, as well as two unique Peter Hook curated Guestlist features. The Guestlists contain music handpicked by Peter himself, and reveal songs that inspired the original Joy Division recordings as well as modern music that inspires him today from bands like LCD Soundsystem, Perry Farrell's Satellite Party, and Peter Bjorn and John.

To check out the Exclusive Peter Hook Interview, click here:

For the Peter Hook Guest Lists, click here:
21:47 05-06-2008

I have these stuff of JLP&GUN CLUB in DVDR,wanted noise/punk/industrial(some bands shows...),send me your lists!

(V)on stage TV 10'(70)

(V)Run through the Jungle live NYC 1981 Innertube DVD

(V)Love and Desperation Dutch TV 1986&int. DVD

(V)Live in Spanish TV 1984 DVD

(V)Live in Australia 1983 DVD

(V)NEW Wave Theatre/French TV 1982 DVD

(V)Live in Amsterdam 1983,The lie,Int.&Fire Spirit DVD

(V)My dreams,German TV 1984 Music Konvoy DVD

(V)Hey Juana,German TV 1984 Music Konvoy DVD

(V)Live Tube UK TV show DVD

(V)Eternally is here&moonlight hotel DVD

(V)kid congo powers,la Hº de la amour clip DVD

(V)Live in Hamburg&int german TV offbeat 1990 DVD

(V)Jeffrey’s blues dutch TV 1987 DVD

(V)Rocknacht Fest german TV DVD

(V)essen,Germany TV 29-5-93 40'(42)

(V)Australia 1983 25'

(V)Live at the tube BBC UK TV 1984 7'

(V)JEFFREY LEE PIERCE BRT Belgian TV 1985 + Love&desperation clip 10'

16:18 15-04-2008
I am interested in taking over this site - please contact me if you are interested in turning your stuff over to be continued ... thanks.
15:44 30-03-2008
mischief muisc
hi all gun club fans
we are interested in releasing Gun Club Live recordings (Good quality only) plus must be previously unreleased
the releases will be sanctioned by Jacqui Pierce/Creeping Ritual Productions
if you have any recordings please e mail me
you will get a credit on the release's plus copies of the cd's etc


mischief music
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